How do I choose a location for my pictures?

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This is the beginning of a 4 part series about photography locations in Utah.

We are so lucky that we live in a state where there is so much variety and so many beautiful locations for portraits. Even with all of our options, people are often stumped and can’t decide where to go for their photo shoots. Below are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a location.

1- What do you want your location to say about you, or what do you like in a location?   Does country fit your style, or urban? Are you old fashioned and romantic, or are you edgy and modern?

2- What are you wanting to wear?  Does it make sense to wear a tuxedo in front of a graffiti wall? Do you want to wear ripped jeans in a French-inspired garden? Maybe you do- just make sure the location and outfits either make sense with each other, or convey meaning.

3- What type of pictures are you taking?  If you are 36 weeks pregnant and doing a maternity shoot, maybe it isn’t practical to shoot on top of that gorgeous mountain- after a five-mile hike!  The same thing goes for bridals or pictures with small children.  Consider the accessibility of the location you want.

4- Do you have a location that means something to you?  Before you choose a location off of a list, or from someone’s suggestion, is there a location that is meaningful to you as a person, couple, family, etc.? Meaningful locations are always going to create better memories than somewhere that your photographer picked for you.

5- Is there a cost where you want to shoot?  Some locations cost money. Take that into consideration when deciding where you want to shoot. Some places can cost more than $100, while others might cost $10 or $20. Your photographer should be able to tell you how much a location costs.

6- What time of day will you be shooting?  Locations will be prettier during different times of day. Try to be flexible with your photo session time, and trust your photographer. Some locations will shoot better in the morning, some in the evening, and some locations require mid-day shooting times. The right light is going to make your pictures amazing, so listen to what your photographer says and if you can’t be flexible with your start time for your shoot, be flexible with your location.

7- What are you going to do with your images?  If you are shooting a family session to hang on your wall, think of locations that will match the look of your house.  If your décor is modern, go for a modern look.  If your house has a vintage vibe, go for a more vintage location.  Are you doing a shoot for Christmas cards?  Maybe choose a location that has pine trees.  Engagement shoot?  Choose a location that fits your wedding theme and/or colors.

8- What does your photographer say?  You’ve hired your photographer for his/her expertise, so trust what you are told about any location.  If you need suggestions, contact your photographer, and if you have an idea of where you would like to shoot, see what your photographer thinks about it!



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